Review: The Reader by Bernhard Schlink


The Reader is about the heartbreaking love story of Michael and Hanna. Michael is just a fifteen-year-old average teenage guy when he met Hanna. Since the day he met her, his life is not the same anymore. From being the weak son, because of his sickness, he suddenly becomes the independent one. He also begins to have a life with more fun and excitement. Hanna gave him this fire which no one else could ever give Michael, even after Hanna left. When she left, Michael is completely shattered. Not knowing why Hanna left makes it all harder for him.

Years later, Michael becomes a law student, and in one of the trials he is observing he is shocked to see Hanna as a defendant. Hanna has been acting strange during the trials, which leaves Michael confusion. Until the day he finally knows the painful truth about Hanna’s crime. But Hanna’s execution is not the worst thing that happened. An even more painful and shocking event happened to Hanna.

This book is my first favorite this 2015. I love it. I really do love it. Everything in it is just so perfect, though it is heartbreaking. Even the heartbreaking part is perfect, I don’t even know why. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me love Michael and Hanna. Then it made me hate them. Then it made me love them again.  I did not expect anything about it, but if ever I expected anything I believe that I will not be disappointed. Very unique story. Very unique writing style. Bernhard Schlink is an awesome genius writer.

Rating: ★★★★★

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