Review: Pretty Girl Thirteen by Liz Coley


Title: Pretty Girl Thirteen

Author: Liz Coley

Publication Date: February 28, 2013

Synopsis from Goodreads:

A gripping, suspenseful debut that will haunt you long after you have turned the final page…
Angie Chapman is only 13 when she gets lost in the woods in the middle of the night.
The next thing she knows she’s returned home, scars around her wrists and ankles, physically exhausted. Her parents collapse into tears when they see her, but Angie doesn’t understand – until they tell her she has been missing, presumed dead, for three years.
Angie doesn’t remember anything from her missing years. But there are people who do – people who could tell Angie every terrifying detail, if only they weren’t locked inside her mind.
With help, Angie begins to unravel the darkest secrets of her own past.
But does she really want to know the truth?

Goodreads’ Rating: ★★★.98

My review:

  • Summary

Pretty Girl Thirteen is the story of Angie Chapman. Technically she is already 16 years old, but she thinks and believes that she is only 13. She got lost into the woods while she was out on a camp with her friends. When she got back home, she did not even remember or know how she got there. She could not remember a single thing that happened to her the last three years. Her parents helped her by seeking the attention and help of investigators and by bringing her to a psychology doctor. Later in the story, they would find out the true reason why Angie could not remember anything that happened to her while she was lost, why there are strange stuff on her things, why there are marks on her body, and why sometimes she could hear voices.

  • Evaluation

I liked Pretty Girl Thirteen. It has a unique story, and the author has a unique writing style. For me, there was never a boring part in the book. I very much enjoyed reading it. I was always curious on what will be revealed next.

Pretty Girl Thirteen has many feels in it; the common teenager problems such as fitting in to the society, love, relationship, girl friends, and so much more. I actually learned or more like experienced a lot new from reading this book. It opened a new love in me, which is the love for paranormal psychological dark stories.

I would like to read more works of the author, Liz Coley. She writes lightly, but she writes real good. Coley’s writing is captivating and connecting to the reader.

I highly recommend this to all my fellow bookworms. It is really good. I am not satisfied with the ending though.

My Rating: ★★★★

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