REVIEW: Being Layla Hart by Amanda McKelt


**A review copy has been given to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

TITLE: Being Layla Hart

AUTHOR: Amanda McKelt

GENRE: Children’s Fiction, Teens, Young Adult, Chick-Lit


April Collins is freaking out. She completely embarrassed herself in front of the most crushable guy in school. There’s no way she’s returning to school, like, EVER. Why can’t she be pretty, popular and perfect like Layla Hart? Layla is a phony online profile – that is, until April wakes up as her! Will popularity prove as easy as it seems? And what happens when April’s crush finally notices her…as Layla?


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Basically, Being Layla Hart has a girly, chick-lit theme. While I am not really a fan of chick-lits, I found this novel adorable, funny, unique, and I think it is unlike other contemporary novels that are trying hard (if you know what I mean).

I like the way it was written — light, funny and relatable especially to young teenage girls. If I were my 14-year-old self when I read this, I must have put Sofia and April on my fictional best friends. I must have wished that I were Layla Hart, too.

Being Layla Hart is a modern fairy tale, I must say, with a happy ending without a prince charming (kind of like the movie Frozen). Every teenager wants to be Layla Hart — beautiful, gorgeous, tall, sexy, charming, fashionable clothes, the perfect-faced mother, and the guy she wants swoons for her. But we shall always remember to be careful what we wish for. You see, in this novel, when April wished to be like Layla Hart and then the next day she woke up as Layla Hart, everything she wanted suddenly came true but the consequences seemed to be bigger than her wishes. Many, if not all, things went wrong and most of them were lies. Who wanted to live a life full of lies? No one. So practically, April realized that it’s hard to live being someone you’re really not.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I enjoyed reading this novel. It is amazing, really. It is unique and may set as one standard for contemporary chick-lit.

I recommend this to those who are tired of the same storyline and style of chick-lit, and those who are on a reading slump and wants an easy and fast-paced but really good read.



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