REVIEW: Marvel and a Wonder by Joe Meno


**A review copy has been provided to me by Akashic Books via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.**

TITLE: Marvel and a Wonder

AUTHOR: Joe Meno

GENRE: Fiction

PUBLISHER: Akashic Books

PUBLICATION DATE: September 1, 2015


Grandfather and grandson must journey into the underworld of the American Midwest in search of both courage and redemption.



Marvel and a Wonder is a story about a grandfather and a grandson who are somehow distant from each other. Until a horse (a racing horse to be exact) came into their lives and changed everything. They became closer to each other. Their once boring lives became adventurous in some ways, and they really had one hell of an adventure in the climax! That part, the adventure part, I liked the most. I just feel not contented with its ending. It just ended like ENDED like I can’t even explain!!! I want to know what happens next after that last paragraph. 😦

It took me 7 days to finish this book. I know… I read it so slow-paced. To be honest, I found it hard to read, I found it hard to finish. Don’t get me wrong, though. I like the story. I like the theme and the moral of the story. It’s just that it’s not my cup of tea. I also kind of did not like its structure and the way it was written (maybe?). I also think that it does not connect to the reader.

However, I would still recommend this book to those who like general fiction, a straight-story novel, and to those who love witty novels.


Purchase this on Amazon.


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