REVIEW: Petronella and the Janjilons by Cheryl Bentley


**A review copy has been provided to me by Sparkling Books Ltd via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

TITLE: Petronella and the Janjilons

AUTHOR: Cheryl Bentley

GENRE: Children, Fantasy, Mystery

PUBLISHER: Sparkling Books Ltd

PUBLICATION DATE: February 18, 2015 (ebook) | June 29, 2015 (paperback | PREORDER HERE + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE)


The Janjilons are not what they seem. They look like a type of monkey but they are really children. How did they turn into Janjilons? And could it happen to anyone?

Behind this mystery is someone evil, Judge Ormerod who wants to be the next Duke of Westshire. With the help of three weird sisters, he has to rid the land of clever children from being an obstacle to him. The Janjilons work for him as the three sisters mete out punishment and keep them locked up.

Petronella starts to look into these strange happenings. But time is running out because when the Judge no longer needs the Janjilons, they will be destroyed.



When I finished reading Petronella and the Janjilons, the first thing that came into my mind was, “I need to read more Nancy Drew.” I kind of felt that it’s somehow like Nancy Drew.

I like it because even if it’s a quick read, its contents are really action-packed. The writing is really alive and the author somehow connected with me through her writing. To be honest, though, I only like it. It is not something that will remain in my heart, or something that I will always remember and would want to reread, or would want to read to my future children to.

If you want a quick and light fantasy mystery read, then maybe you could try reading this.


Purchase this on Amazon | Book Depository (FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE)


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