REVIEW: Silent Clarion by Matthew Graybosch


TITLE: Silent Clarion

AUTHOR: Matthew Graybosch

GENRE: Science Fiction, Thriller

PUBLISHER: Curiosity Quills Press



My curiosity might get me killed.

I thought I needed a vacation from my duties as an Adversary in service to the Phoenix Society. After learning about unexplained disappearances in a little town called Clarion, I couldn’t stop myself from checking it out.

Now I must protect a witness to two murders without any protection but my sword. I must identify a murderer who strikes from the shadows. I must expose secrets the Phoenix Society’s executive council is hellbent on keeping buried.

I have no support but an ally I dare not trust. If I cannot break the silence hiding what happened in Clarion’s past, I have no future.

I must discover the truth about Project Harker.

Failure is not an option.


Silent Clarion is a new-adult science-fiction thriller by Matthew Graybosch, set before the events of the Starbreaker novels. Meet Naomi Bradleigh as an Adversary, seventeen years before Without Bloodshed.​



I like the idea of the book. I also like how the story went. It just didn’t connect with me. Something’s missing, and I don’t know what’s missing. I could’ve enjoyed it but I didn’t. I actually didn’t understand what I just read. I couldn’t follow the story. I’m sorry. 😦

But I was thinking that maybe I would like it (as a whole) if I read Without Bloodshed, the first book in the Starbreaker series.

I think I’m still gonna recommend this to those who like science fiction and series. I recommend this if you want to discover a new sci-fi series.


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About The Author:

According to official records maintained by the state of New York, Matthew Graybosch was born on Long Island in 1978. Urban legends from New York suggest he might be Rosemary’s Baby, the result of top-secret DOD attempts to continue Nazi experiments combining human technology and black magic, or that he sprang fully grown from his father’s forehead with a sledgehammer in one hand and a copy of Bulfinch’s Mythology in the other — and has given the poor man headaches ever since.

The truth is more prosaic. Matthew Graybosch is a novelist from New York who lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife and cats. He is also an avid reader, a long-haired metalhead, and an unrepentant nerd. Without Bloodshed is his first published novel. He’s currently hard at work on the second Starbreaker novel, The Blackened Phoenix, while also working as a software developer.

Find Matthew Graybosch Online:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads



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