REVIEW: Stealer (Stealer #1) by A.M. Yates


TITLE: Stealer (Stealer #1)

AUTHOR: A.M. Yates

PUBLISHER: Patchwork Press – Cooperative



A Thief. A Portal. A New World.
But can she get back home again?

Home alone over spring break, Dee looks forward to a week free from worries about her sliding grades, her lack of friends, and her mom’s overbearing boyfriend. But when she chases a thief out of her house, she ends up with a whole new set of troubles . . . in a whole new world. The Crescent. Where everyday objects possess extraordinary power. Where countless other worlds are mere steps away. And where the High Minister has a plan for a greater future . . . that Dee really didn’t mean to screw up. Really.

Pursued by masked hunters, all Dee wants is to get back home again. Yet her every move only entangles her deeper in the fantastic and dangerous new world of the Crescent.


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Stealer is a story about Dee who was always being bullied by her classmates/schoolmates. Dee is somehow like Lucas from Pretty Little Liars. She’s not doing anything wrong. She’s not the bad guy in her school but her schoolmates still get feces on her hair. They always make Dee’s life worse. I really pity Dee because she’s had so many things going in on her life then there are still those nonsense bullies and they don’t know anything about Dee.

Everything changed when a thief came to Dee’s house and that thief had stolen her sort of a “memory” box or a box which contains stuff that reminds her of certain important people in her life.

From the moment the thief ran until the end of the story, I can’t help but think that Stealer is somehow like Alice in Wonderland. Nid is like the Chesire cat, Dee is like Alice who becomes curiouser and curiouser throughout the story.

What I like about Stealer is that it is so fast-paced. I also like it because it’s an adventurous fantasy type of story which I’m a sucker for. The story is also unique and I’ve never read anything like it before. It’s a pretty interesting book if you’re into fast-paced scifi/fantasy kind of book.

I also like how it made Dee a stronger individual when she got into the Crescent. Her being lost is something that I could assume as a symbol of her being lost for her to be able to find herself and for her to get out of her comfort zone. This part is inspiring. I think in our situation today wherein girls are often insecure about many things, it is important to have something to inspire us that we should not have insecurities because we are all unique and wonderful in our own ways.

I like how fast-paced this is, but I also hate it at the same time. It feels like it’s so fast-paced that it couldn’t connect that much to me anymore. It somehow kind of rushes in terms of narration and I couldn’t keep up.

I was also expecting that it would be action-packed. I was looking for that “my-heart-is-beating-so-loud-and-fast” and “I-cannot-wait-to-know-what-happens-next” feels. But it was somehow disappointing that it didn’t give me those feels. 😦

But anyway, I still liked Stealer and I would also still want to read the next book to see what happens next.

I would still somehow suggest this to scifi/fantasy lovers and if you’re looking for something new and something that is like Alice in Wonderland kind of adventure.

**I received a review copy via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.**


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