REVIEW + 9 Things I Learned: No Plus One by Steph Young and Jill Dickman

2016-08-05 (1)

TITLE: No Plus One

AUTHORS: Steph Young and Jill Dickman

PUBLISHER: Sy Entertainment




No Plus One is the ultimate manual for living an amazing single life. Its stories teach nine critical lessons that cover the most pressing issues single women face: taking risks, getting over an ex, dealing with bad dating advice and keeping your standards high, among others.

This is a book for single women who want to live a great life without the anxiety of finding or keeping a man. No Plus One uncovers the beauty in being single. It holds the key to finding confidence and happiness while learning how to be bold, outgoing and graceful in the process.

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If you’re a girl, lady, woman, whatever you wanna call it, I recommend that you read this. Why? Because for me, it’s a woman’s handbook.

No Plus One is not just your ordinary tips and advice kind of book. As it says on the synopsis, it’s the ultimate manual for living an amazing single life. Well, it turns out that it really is! It’s a woman’s must-have handbook. The stories are fun to read! It was written like Steph and Jill are two of my girl friends and they’re just chatting with me. Oh, everything seems natural in this book. What I love most about it: its honesty.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I really really really really really love this book! I thought that I might share some of the things I have learned from it.


  1. Know best yourself before knowing others.
  2. Never lose yourself and spend less time with your friends when you’re in a relationship. Your self and your friends (and family, of course) are who you have left at the end of the day no matter how many heartbreaks you may have had.
  3. Do not change yourself for someone else. Change for yourself.
  4. It’s better to be single than to settle for something less.
  5. You may not have a boyfriend, but you can always have a crush. It’s as fun as it can be and has less (or no) drama!
  6. Instead of looking for “The One”, spend more time with yourself or with your friends.
  7. Don’t take everything too seriously. Loosen up a bit!
  8. What matters most is your happiness and peace of mind.
  9. “Do one thing every day that scares you.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

**A review copy was sent to me by the authors in exchange of an honest review.**


Buy it here:

Amazon | No Plus One website




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