Hey, bookish people! It’s the summer vacation (but the rainy season here in the Philippines 😀 ) and it means I have more time to read. One of my summer favorites is that there are a lot of readathons around the corner! More readings, more new friends!

The first readathon I’ll be participating in this summer of 2017 is the Read-O-Rama Readathon Round 7 which is hosted by Chloe of @brunettebiblio, Elizabeth of @theowlerybooks, Alyssa of @puckspaperbacks, and April of @maydawn. I must say that Read-O-Rama is one of my favorite readathons because the hosts always think of cool, fun and sometimes really challenging challenges! Plus, the people participating in this readathon are so friendly. Hi, there Read-O-Rama people! ❤ ❤

This year’s Read-O-Rama is happening from 11th-17th June, and I’m most excited for the reading challenges! Below is the list of challenges and the books I will be reading for each challenge.

  • Read seven books (see list below for my 7 books)
  • Read a book with RAMA in the title



The Half Life of Molly Pierce is about a seventeen-year-old girl who is forgetting bits and pieces of her life until now that she figures out why. This book is a psychological suspense mystery book. I can’t wait to read this because I love mysteries and Katrina Leno. 😉

  • Read a book with water on the cover

The Percy Jackson series is a really famous story but I haven’t read it yet. I bought my nephew a copy but I borrowed it from him so I could read it during this readathon. I watched the movie and I loved it so I have high expectations on this book!

  • Read a short book (150 pages or less)

January, the first book in the Calendar Girl series, by Audrey Carlan is about Mia whose father has a high debt due to gambling. To pay off for his father’s debt, she has to work as a high-priced escort to her aunt’s company. I found this randomly on Goodreads’ listopia because I badly wanted to read something new and underrated for this readathon.

  • Read a graphic novel

I’m not really into graphic novels, so thank you so much to Read-O-Rama for opening up an opportunity for me to widen my reading preferences. 😀 I found this on Amazon while I’m looking for graphic novels that would catch my attention. I liked the synopsis so I sent it directly to my Kindle and I’m lucky that it’s free! 

  • Read a book you’ve been anticipating

I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about Nicola Yoon’s books and I think it’s time for me to finally read her debut novel, Everything, Everything. It’s also a preparation for me for its movie which will be out here in the Philippines soon.

  • Read an #ownvoices book

I’ve started reading this two years ago but I never got the chance to continue reading it. I think now’s the best time to continue. I will try to find a paperback copy because I’ll be reading it as an ebook only and I’ve been hearing amazing things about it so I guess it deserves to be read as a physical book. Hehe.

  • Read a book that was released in the summer of any year

I currently have a Katrina Leno book hangover, after reading an advance copy of Everything All At Once, so I decided to put her two other books on my TBR this week. 

Those are all the seven books I’m excited to read this week for the Read-O-Rama! Are you also participating in this readathon? If yes, comment down the link to your TBR because I’m curious! Also, if you have read any book from my list above, please comment down also your thoughts because I’m curiouser and curiouser… 😉




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